Trash Removal Services

Some of our trash removal services include:

  • Residential Trash and Junk Removal and Hauling
  • Construction Site Clean-Ups
  • Commercial Trash Removal and Hauling
  • Hoarding Clean-Up
  • Complete Property Clean-Out
  • E-Waste Removal
  • Interior and Exterior Demolition
  • Appliance removal

Here are a few things we’ve removed…

  • 250 LB Commercial Freezer (with our eyes closed) – Cost For Removal: $220
  • 375 LB Cast Iron Bathtub (a good warm up) – Cost For Removal: $250
  • 525 LB Tall Upright Piano (How many calories am I burning right now?) – Cost for Removal: $350
  • 800 LB Hot Tub ( We’re really warming up now) – Cost For Removal: $400
  • 950 LB Fire Safe (OK, I’m really working out.) – Cost For Removal: $300
  • 1700 LB Camper Shell (Now, let’s reward ourselves with cake!) – Cost For Removal: $350

Remember, we are removal professionals, not the guy down the street with a pick-up truck! We can handle almost anything you can throw at us!

Hidden Fees:

Hate hidden fees? We do too! That’s why we don’t hide ours.

You should expect to pay extra if:

The load is over two tons. Because the landfill charges extra, we do add $35.00 for each ton after two. Usually a full bin is under two unless it’s over the top, or it’s super heavy material like dirt and/or concrete. If we have to rent a special tool to remove items off site/property it may cost more. Don’t worry! We don’t do any of this without your prior approval and we try our best to give the best estimate when do an official bid.

Removal of any items that need transferred to a separate location, or have an additional fee to dispose of .

What to do with the things the city dump wont take?

  • Refrigerators, Freezers, A/C Units and any other items containing Freon (scrap yards pay for them)
  • Tires (the dump site charges me for them)
  • Hazardous Waste (chemicals, bleach, cleaners, ext. Amarillo Industrial waste will take them)
  • Wet Paint (Amarillo industrial waste Address: 4001 S Osage St, Amarillo, Phone: (806) 342-1556 will take 10-15 gallons) I’ve been told to open the paint up and stir in dirt until dry then PHONE LINK JEMS can haul
  • Oil (there are white containers in front of most fire departments in Amarillo that can be used)
  • Used Oil Filters (I was told that Toot’n Totum car care centers will take them)
  • Batteries (Battery Joe pays for most used batteries)
  • Untreated Medical Waste (most company’s have someone)
  • Pesticides (Amarillo Industrial Waste will take them)

Recycle and Reuse when possible

  • Appliances
  • Water heaters
  • All types of metal
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Dirt
  • Green waste
  • E-Waste
  • Furniture
  • Clothes
  • Household goods
  • Toys
  • Building materials
  • Computers