Moving Tips

Moving tips for newbies. While moving a home or office can be an overwhelming task, but making a list and making all necessary preparations can help you accomplish the move easy. Making a detailed plan with detailed steps will help you stay focused. Make sure you have a budget and know how much you will spend without creating unnecessary pressure on your finances or mental stress. You must set a timeline for each step, which may include de-cluttering, cleaning and removing junk prior to actually packing.. Give yourself more time than you think you need, and take it easy. The following steps will help ensure that the transition will go smoothly.

  • Write out a detailed list of packing materials and check local prices to know what you need to budget for. Some common items are: boxes, labels, bubble wrap, sharpies, scissors, newspapers and of course tape!
  • Plan each room and decide if you’re going to have movers, or if you’re going to move boxes slowly over to the new location. If the latter is your option, make sure to leave extra necessities aside so you have them readily available for the duration of the move. Examples are: a couple sets of clothes for each person, hygiene, cleaning supplies, phone accessories and medication.
  • For heavy items such as pots and pans, use smaller boxes so they are easier to lift, although it can be tempting to put them all in one huge box, you will save yourself energy and time by doing smaller, easier boxes.
  • LABEL. Each side of the boxes should be labeled with room AND contents.
  • Make a list that includes the number of boxes and the contents.

Moving Tips for Decluttering/Clean up

Although it might seem like a lot of work, you will want to get rid of excess junk and clutter. Enable your move to your new accommodations to become a fresh start, leaving trash and things you never use in the past. A lot of times, you can donate to local shelters for those needing household items.

Try to start decluttering as early as possible. A simple way to accomplish this is by dedicating a few hours a day to declutter your current home until you get rid of everything you don’t need. You should consider using all extras such as paper towel rolls and almost empty shampoo bottles that can save you the hassle of moving things that can be consumed prior. Another thing to consider is undertaking one room at a time when decluttering. Decluttering from room to room will save you time, and ensure you don’t miss out on a thing. Make sure you get rid of all unwanted and unused items including expired products and toys.

If you are moving into a smaller home, furniture and other large items should be measured. Sentimental items should be left till the end; these include: family pictures, valuable gifts, baby clothes, and family heirlooms.

For the things that you want to “trash” or just junk that needs to be hauled away, you can contact JEMS to rent a roll off dumpster for debris haul-away. Most household items are accepted inside roll off dumpster rentals, and generally the rental time is 10 days, and roll off dumpster rentals will hold all of the extra trash/junk you don’t want to take to your new home.

For more moving tips to help you, this blog has a lot of useful information.

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